overhead view of farmland

The SERGI "Grass First" System Benefits

The SERGI Grass First system combines the benefits of feeding primarily grass along with small amounts of grain. We believe that grain is not the enemy in beef production, but rather a helpful companion to ensure the healthiest cattle possible. Using small amounts of local grains, organic minerals and salts as a tool, our unique feeding program helps to promote weight gain and adds to the marbling and flavor of our beef producing a product that we believe is the best of both worlds.

Our cattle’s diet consists of 95% grass, fed throughout their life on our small, family farm. Grass-fed beef is lower in calories, contains more omega 3 fats, more vitamin a/e and up to 7x the beta-carotene and higher levels of antioxidants, and is considered  much tastier.

During the grazing season (spring to fall), our cattle roam 143 acres of rolling pasture where they also enjoy clean, spring-fed water. We take pride in developing our own SERGI Grass First system and equally important to us is raising happy cattle in a healthy and humane environment.