Sergi Farms

The Passion and Hard Work Live On

Tragically and quite unexpectedly, Nicholas D. Sergi, the passionate and visionary founder of Sergi Farms, passed away. The Sergi family is pleased to announce, with great honor, that Sergi Farms will continue to honor Nick's legacy and memory through the Nicholas D. Sergi Foundation.

Sergi Farms will conduct its business embracing the important values and processes for humanely raising cattle and producing delicious cuts of beef. This is just as Nick did, day-to-day, since starting Sergi Farms in 2013.

Nick’s vision is an inspiration to ALL and makes the commitment to growing and improving Sergi Farms a natural choice for us. With the support of its loyal and valued customers, Sergi Farms will remain the the thoughtful enterprise Nick dreamed it would be.

—The Sergi Family