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barn with door open

Our Summer Pandemic Project

Prep work begins back in July. Doubling Down on the Farm We put in a lot of hard work this summer with our goal being ...
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taco in a bag

How Do You Cook Your Beef? Let Us Count the Ways

Personally, nothing beats a grilled burger topped with a garden fresh tomato with homemade pickles on the side, but we thought it would be fun ...
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sergi store images

You Need a New Zoom Call Shirt, Don’t You?

A little wardrobe update would be nice for those video calls. Check out all the new stuff Sergi Farms has to offer. All proceeds go to support ...
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hay bails on fork lift

Seize the Hay! Hurtgenlea Holsteins Did.

Adam Hurtgen It’s great to not only know your neighbors but also support them in the work they do. So Sergi Farms is happy to ...
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shaving joe sergi's head

Heads You Win. And So Does NDS.

Our July fundraiser, Shave Joe for Smiles, was dedicated to helping families affected by Covid. As the Elkhorn Area School District began planning for school ...
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limit two per customer sign

One Thing is for Sure: Uncertainty

We’re all use to walking into the grocery store and having pretty much anything we want available to us right there. Then Covid 19 hit. ...
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