Keeping our herd manageable means better quality of life for the cows. Better meats for you.


While grass fed is critical to raising quality beef, there’s a small but important role for grains. This along with dry-aging makes for richer tasting beef.


For the greatest value, we pack and ship ground beef in 15 lb. boxes and our variety packs are 25 lbs.

nick sergi in front of entrance sign
In Honor Of . . .

Nicholas D. Sergi

Nick Sergi’s dream was to build and run a small beef farm, and he was doing that until he unexpectedly passed away. Now we want his dream to live on by reimagining the farm and the foundation we created in Nick’s memory as the basis for something that will go onto enrich not only the local community but anyone who has a passion for small farming.

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We have ordered a few variety boxes of beef from Sergi Farms and have shared them with a few of our family members. Excellent quality and very flavorful cuts of beef. The ground meat was also one of the best we have ever had. We are happy to support local farming and Sergi Farms.

Eric Smith


We have had the stew meat, ground beef and sirloin steaks. Sooo good! We're very pleased.

Kari Schroeder


This steak reminds me of the ones we got at the farm growing up. All natural, It is awesome!

Loretta Meinel

michael barrett

I've loved everything I have used the beef in thus far. Top quality... So far I have made seasoned ground beef to be used in any/all dishes.  Secondly, I used ground beef and a skirt steak when making chili, once again tender and tasty.  Finally, I made a Balsamic Glazed slow cooker meal using a Round Roast.  Immediately saw the quality of beef prior to cooking. The roast cooked for about 5hrs and came out incredibly tender. Served with a mushroom risotto.  The meal was the best I have made in a while.I have been very impressed and will continue to support Sergi Farms when my beef needs arise.

Mike Barrett

bob janis

As for the beef…. Your strong belief that we have been enjoying it, and the chicken, is right on target....Again, for me, I will simply say that the beef that I have been eating lately that came from Sergi Farms was delicious and that I will NEVER go back to the chain stores for meat! I am now a lifelong and completely satisfied customer of Sergi Farms!!! Happily and proudly so!

Bob & Nancy Janis


Everything has been amazing.  I recommend you to everyone and plan on purchasing from you for as long as you produce the beef...Please do not forget about me when you get gigantic.  All seriousness it's better than Allen Brother, Omaha, really solid.

Joe Carolan