25lbs. Variety Beef Box

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Our 25lbs. variety box offers a selection of premium steaks, roasts, ground beef and stew meat. Perfect for small families or those with limited storage. This is a great way to get high-quality, grass- finished beef right to your door.

Weight25.00 lbs
Dimensions16 × 12 × 12 in

8 reviews for 25lbs. Variety Beef Box

  1. Barbara Watters

    This was an awesome choice! The variety is good and of course the meat was fabulous. We ate the ground beef as tartar (not recommended for everyone) and it was great! The steaks are perfectly marbled with excellent flavor. I’m buying another one as a gift!

  2. Labinot Avdiu (verified owner)

    Received our first delivery of Sergi Farms Variety Beef Box, and it’s been a hit with the family. We wasted no time to grill our T-Bone steak the next day, and it was AMAZING! Full of flavor and perfectly balanced between the filet and the strip. We also used the rump roast the first week with our instant pot and that was equally delicious. Looking forward to the ribeyes we are this week. The box had a great variety of steaks, ground beef and meats for stewing and roasting. Would highly recommend Sergi Farms beef variety Box ! The ordering process was simple and convenient and the prices are great for this high quality beef!

  3. Alexander Iannessa

    Sergi Farms beef box has become a quintessential holiday favorite in my household. Everything from the round steaks to ground beef creates the perfect variety of red meat to keep you warm during our terrible winters. Great price points and even better quality!!!

  4. Cassie Kaufmann

    We received our first beef box and love it all, can’t wait to get through it and order again! The New York strips on the grill were fantastic!! Proud of the Sergi family for all they are doing!

  5. Christine Hanson (verified owner)

    We ordered the variety box and everything in it has been exceptional. Unlike other local farms that use humane practices, the price was also very reasonable. The steaks were the best I’ve ever had and on par with what I’ve eaten in fine dining restaurants. The ground beef is so much better than what you can get in the grocery store. The roasts have also been wonderful. We also had great customer service with the order. I have a feeling I’ll never be able to buy meat from the grocery store again and hope to be a life long customer of Sergi!

  6. Michael Millar

    If you like good beef, treat yourself to this sample box (regularly). Great variety for my family’s use and some extra to share with a neighbor who loves making soups and stews. Can only imagine what the next box will taste like when meals are cooked on an outdoor grill!

  7. Eric Pickell (verified owner)

    Not only is the variety box absolutely delicious, it’s a great value! Sergi Farms humanly raises their cattle and puts together a great product. I’d highly recommend the variety box to anyone that enjoys grilling superior beef and a full flavored steak and/or burger! I’m excited to finish this box and order my next one and enjoy the meals to come!

  8. Patti Tully (verified owner)

    Just received my second varietal box-everything we’ve had has been fantastic- best grass-fed beef we have ever had! Ordering was super easy- communication was great, and delivery was fast~

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