Healthy, Humanely Raised Grass Finished Beef

We believe in raising our cattle in a healthy humane environment. Our cattle graze green pastures in the rolling hills of Southeastern Wisconsin.

We take the benefits of both grain fed beef and grass finished beef. Our animals are finished on a 95% grass diet, with the other 5% consisting of all natural organic minerals/salts and locally sourced grain.  This is used as a tool to add the correct marbling and nutrition an animal needs while ultimately delivering you, our valued customer, the healthiest and most delicious beef in the grass finished industry.

We take pride in the fact we never use, growth hormones, steroids, antibiotics or growth implants. We take much pride in grazing our cattle on pasture, raising them in an all natural system and always using low-stress animal handling techniques on the farm.

Our cattle are processed in the most humane way in the industry, while also being processed at a facility that meets the highest level of processing requirements set forth by the United States Department of Agriculture.