Sergi Farms

Thank you for your support

Although the land for Sergi Farms has been sold, the dreams of our brother Nick live on through all of us.

The Nicholas D. Sergi (NDS) Foundation was established by the Sergi Family when tragically and quite unexpectedly Nicholas D. Sergi, the founder of Sergi Farms, passed away in 2018.

Nick not only had a passion for farming but also an intense faith and an unending desire to help anyone he could. By creating the NDS Foundation, the Sergi Family is building on his legacy of "Giving Makes You Smile" and his love of family, farming, and faith in God.

The NDS Foundation strives to achieve this goal by raising funds to support a variety of organizations; with a focus on those that strengthen families, promote strong communities, encourage faith, and enrich the youth (primarily those in agricultural education). By giving to groups and individuals who emulate the support that helped Nick follow his dreams, the NDS Foundation can help others realize their dreams.

We look forward to growing the outreach of the Nicholas D. Sergi Foundation and hope you’ll join us as we take this journey.

—The Sergi Family


For more information, send an email to [email protected].