Our Beef

We believe in raising our cattle in a healthy humane environment, in the rolling hills of Southeastern Wisconsin.

Our Process

We take pride in the beef we raise, employing a uniquely beneficial grass and grain diet for the best tasting beef.

Variety Box

Get high-quality Grass Finished, Pasture Raised, and All Natural beef at a fantastic bulk discount price.

Our Story

It all started with a love for the land and animals, growing into an enterprise that provides healthy, humane beef.

Grass Finished Beef
is a Way of Life

Our unique Grass Finished System, used only by Sergi Farms, combines the benefits of grass and grain diets to create a product that benefits from the best of both worlds. Then, we dry age our beef for a minimum of 14 days for a deeper, richer flavor.

Rather than looking at grain as the enemy of our beef, we use it to promote weight gain and marbling in our meat. During the grazing season, our cows have access to 143 acres of rolling hills, and access to a warm and cozy shelter year round.

The Sergi Farms Difference


Order our popular variety box, and have delicious, grass-fed beef delivered right to your door!


We offer only the best in grass finished beef – humane, healthy and delicious beef you won’t find in the supermarket.


Offering bulk prices that can’t be beat, your family will enjoy our delicious beef at a steal of a deal.

Healthy, Humanely Raised Grass Finished Beef.

Quality and Care is where it all starts. Sergi Farms offers the best there is in grass finished beef that you won't find anywhere else!

Available in quantities that suit any families needs, you can choose from a whole, half, or quarter cow. For those looking for smaller quantities, our 25 lb. Variety Box is the perfect fit for you.