Our Summer Pandemic Project

excavator starting to dig
Prep work begins back in July.

Doubling Down on the Farm

We put in a lot of hard work this summer with our goal being to double the herd. Now the work is done and we’re looking to expand. What all did we do? Everything. Or at least it feels that way.

Our existing cattle yard for wintering the herd was about 5500 sq. ft. We added another 6500 sq ft more than doubling the space. That’s 92 yards of concrete poured (for you number nerds, that’s over 368,000 lbs. of concrete.)

There’s a new staging area and chute for loading, unloading and doing vet checks.

New siding and windows on all the farm buildings (even the chicken coop got a sprucing up (We’re hoping the FFA might consider using it).

The herd even has new cattle oilers to help keep them fly-free when coming and going from the pasture.

Our 100 year-old barns are still in good shape. Now with new support beams and siding, the place has a fresh look and is ready to keep going for another 100 years and maybe few more generations of Sergis.

The old barn was ready for some new siding.
The yard before concrete was poured.
The yard before.
siding being installed
Early August the new exterior goes up on our large barn.

By Labor Day weekend the work was 95% completed. Right down to the new fencing and cow oilers. Watch the video and see them in action.

The Before and After

farm before and after shots