Seize the Hay! Hurtgenlea Holsteins Did.

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Adam Hurtgen
Adam Hurtgen

It’s great to not only know your neighbors but also support them in the work they do. So Sergi Farms is happy to introduce you to one of our neighbor-farmers, Adam Hurtgen of Hurtgenlea (pronounced Her-chin-lee) Holsteins. And while you may know that we sell beef boxes did you know we sell hay too? Adam knows. He recently bought some. 55 tons, to be exact (84 round bales).

Located about 5 miles from Sergi Farms, Adam heard about our hay and got in touch. After having it tested and finding it to be not just good hay but a “great quality blend of alfalfa and grass that helps my herd maintain an efficient rumen function,” Adam got in touch. Now our hay is helping the Hurtgenlea herd produce the milk Adam sells to Oberweis Dairy. That’s community synergy!

Adam’s been in the dairy business his whole life. Along with his folks and a few employees, he works the dairy milking 135 cows twice a day. He says he loves caring for the animals (350 counting calves and mature cows), especially the newborns and takes a lot of pride in his work. When asked what’s the one thing he’d like people to know: “Drink real milk.” No worries, Adam. After burgers, milk and cookies is our favorite thing.

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